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ABIASA has always considered the research activity as the basic element to face the market evolution. The R&D Department was created in 1999 to carry out projects of interest in food industry. ABIASA is actively involved in regional, national and European research projects, becoming available to the dairy industry, making an active collaboration in transfer of knowledge.
R&D team is agile, flexible and open minded to take on new projects and adapt them to the needs and demands of the industry. The continuously updated training, together with the high-tech equipment guarantees optimal results.

Our R&D department is equipped with modern infrastructures that enable innovative projects tailored to the demands of both the producer and the consumer. ABIASA has a versatile high-technology pilot plant to suit our research and development in the field of biotechnology.

ABIASA won the Award for Innovation as a result of the effort and commitment on its research.

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Pilot plant

The activity of our R&D department is focused on developing new products and production systems of high quality and at the same time, being economically profitable.
Our team is specialized in the application of probiotics in different areas (dairy, aquaculture, pharmacy, etc.). We will help you to improve your product range and make them even healthier

ABIASA R&D department is also specialized in physiochemical analysis, microbiological quality control and development of new fermented milk products.

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